About Us

WHO we are

TechFlow is a 25-year-old, employee-owned organization defined by innovation, openness, and agility. TechFlow is different than traditional systems integrators—we are both integrators and optimizers. We are populated, in part, by former senior leaders at OEM organizations and traditional systems integrators who wanted to be part of a more agile and responsive organization. 

We are leaders in innovative software development and transformation. We have modernized more than 50 distinct government information technology (IT) applications using Agile software development techniques. TechFlow was one the first government contractors to successfully embrace the use of Scaled Agile software development and we continue to promulgate this increasingly standard methodology throughout government, including the majority of new software applications under development for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  

We are experts in performance-based logistics (PBL) with hundreds of dedicated TechFlow Field Service Technicians (FSTs) across the nation providing around-the-clock preventive maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM). We support more than 6,000 government buildings, seven million square feet of facilities, and tens of thousands of pieces of equipment by responding to more than 60,000 work orders per year, managing hundreds of supply vendors, and purchasing millions of dollars of parts annually while significantly exceeding service level requirements. 

We embrace and reward a culture of continual improvement and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM). In the last three years, through our own initiative, TechFlow analyzed thousands of CM work orders to:
  • Re-engineer a chiller controller, resulting in more than $5M in cost avoidance revise PM schedules to extend an end-of-life net barrier controller system, resulting in cost avoidance of more than $2M;
  • Re-design card swipe locks to eliminate recurring part failures, resulting in savings of $1.25M;
  • Implement improved infrastructure repair procedures to reduce repair/building down time from two days to one and a half hours.
Through CPI, on one $200M+ contract alone, we reduced the re-work rate from the incumbent contractor from 2% of all work orders to 0.0001% today. 

The government trusts us with some of its most complex and secure systems. TechFlow engineers played critical roles in configuration control and systems engineering on programs designed to extend the useful life of the nation’s w78 (Minuteman III ICBM) nuclear weapon and in the design of a new long-range stand-off cruise missile. 

We excel in information assurance and have a track record of successfully obtaining authority to operate (ATO) for challenging applications. In the last year, we have led the ATO process for three different mobile applications: a smartphone and tablet application built to collect civil-military and socio-cultural data and structure it for geospatial, temporal, or social network analysis; a highly-secured tablet based application that provides real-time mission planning updates to marine special forces; and a widely-used time accounting mobile application for General Services Administration (GSA) employees supporting other agencies. We successfully teamed with the Army’s Construction Engineering Research Lab (CERL) to obtain one of the first ATOs for remote building monitoring and control systems.

At TechFlow, we relish solving the difficult problems, making an impact, and accomplishing more.

What we do

Founded in 1995 at the start of the dot-com revolution, TechFlow has helped large commercial firms such as Dreamworks, Toshiba, MGM, and others modernize their business systems using Agile-at-scale development methodologies. Today, with deep operational roots in the bi-coastal innovation hubs of California and Washington DC, TechFlow continues as a leader in applying innovative engineering, technology, and integration solutions to the most demanding mission and business challenges, delivering impactful ingenuity on a government scale.

TechFlow offers clients in the public and private sector end-to-end solutions including: information and enterprise technology, management, operations and mission support and business improvement services. TechFlow provides IT operations, maintenance and support based on ITIL, CMMI, ISO and Agile/DevOps best practices. Not only do these best practices make sense, they provide a framework for continual improvement, address regulatory issues and provide continuous delivery of IT and mission support services. Our Agile software development capabilities, proven to run at scale, built on open-source first software, enable enterprise-class solutions. We provide quality driven comprehensive workplace solutions for federal, state and local agencies as well as commercial companies. Our technical foundation rests on Open Source software, Agile development practices and DevOps Integration.  

why choose tECHfLOW

Understanding how a business or organization works is our first priority. We focus on getting to know the people, culture, key enterprise business processes, legacy applications and future vision. Our goal is to partner with our clients to help leverage technology and services to streamline business, improve workflow, and create significant mission and operational efficiency. We construct strategic solutions by bringing a wide breadth of industry and government expertise and experience. At TechFlow, we judge our success by the value and competitive advantage our solutions generate for our clients. When the General Services Administration needed a robust and modernized financial and acquisition system to manage their $7B+ worth of transactions, TechFlow provided the solution. Over the past 25 years, strategic business technology consulting, software systems integration, complex IT systems management, scientific solutions and mission support has anchored our business. Our methods and practices come from years of real field work, learned best practice approaches and clear industry leadership. From business systems strategy, R&D, mission services to implementation, TechFlow has expertise in comprehensive solutions that exceed requirements.
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