Base Operation Support Services and Facilities Management

Base Operation Support Services (BOSS)

TechFlow performs its BOSS solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary EMI Services (EMI).  EMI has been around since 1989 and has performed a broad range of maintenance and services contracts. TechFlow acquired EMI in 2013 and integrated its Digital Services solutions with EMI's extensive base operations experience.  This competitive advantage allows TechFlow to leverage technology and know-how towards making its workforce more efficient and effective on Base driving efficiencies and cost savings for our customers. Throughout its 25 year span, EMI has earned a solid reputation of providing quality performance by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and performing within budget. 

EMI has grown rapidly and is providing Base Operating Services at large DOD installations. Our success in such a short period of time is attributed to the wealth of experience our management team brings, as well as to the quality and experience of personnel chosen to fill positions at our locations. 
EMI is a dynamic business that offers unique expertise in performing DOD base operation support services, facilities maintenance, logistics and engineering services for the commercial industry and Government agencies at all levels. EMI has grown by gaining the confidence of our employees and the trust of our customers. Through team building and employee empowerment, EMI has gained a reputation for providing outstanding, economical support with an emphasis on excellent customer service. EMI has a proven track record for delivering top quality services to the Air Force and Navy, as well as to our other federal and private sector customers. 


EMI is an industry leading provider of DOD base operation support services, facilities maintenance, logistics, and IT support. EMI consistently delivers cost-saving through best value innovations and quality service that exceeds our clients’ expectations. 

 EMI Services is an experienced and trusted provider of:
  • DOD Base Operations and Support Services
  • Range Operations & Support Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • IT Support Services & Solutions
  • Supply and Warehousing Operations
  • Logistics Services
  • Base Supply Management
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  • Aircraft Refueling and Fuels Storage Services

Areas of Competency

  • BASE OPERATIONS AND SUPPORT SERVICES: Architectural & Engineering Services, Utilities Systems Operations and Maintenance, Roads and Grounds Maintenance, HVAC Systems Operations & Maintenance, Custodial Services, Work Control Systems Operations, Environmental Services, Military Family Housing Maintenance 
  • FACILITIES OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE: Architectural & Engineering Services, Building Operations and Maintenance, Architectural and Structural Maintenance, HVAC Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Energy Management Control System Operations 
  • SUPPLY AND WAREHOUSING OPERATIONS: Stock Control, Warehouse Operations, Receiving & Delivery Services, Hazardous Materials Storage, Issue and Control, Package X-Ray Services, Supply Store Services, Mailroom Operations & Delivery 
  • IT SUPPORT & SOLUTIONS: Project Management, Call Center design and installation, Call Center staffing, Software & Hardware deployment, Logistics and Inventory Control, Cable Installation & Management, Server & Workstation deployment/maintenance, Helpdesk, Network Security, Wireless Network Design & Security and Product Training. EMI also has engineers certified with Microsoft, Cisco, DELL, Apple, Rockwell – ACD as well as Certified Test Engineers.  

WHat sets us apart

  • The Right Partner: EMI has grown by gaining our customers’ trust and our employees’ loyalty. We’ve successfully performed over 60 service contracts.  We understand the unique challenges facing today’s military. We offer exceptional responsiveness and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We demonstrate this commitment by consistently earning some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. 
  • The Right Team: The EMI team includes 250 high-achieving professionals, administrative and trades personnel deployed in various locations throughout the United States. We augment our in-house capabilities with proven and capable business partners. 
  • The Right Approach: EMI brings vast expertise and proven solutions to augment our clients’ operations. We provide a platform that delivers seamless mission support and exceptional customer service in a very cost effective solution. We access and leverage TechFlow Digital Services solutions to drive mission value and efficiencies.
  • Flexibility to Respond to Mission Dynamics: Our operations are designed to be flexible and respond to changes in requirements or short-notice insertions. Our proven strategies for flexible and responsive staffing provides maximum responsiveness to customer needs under the most demanding scenarios. 
  • Minimized Risk: EMI integrates quality, safety and environmental stewardship into everything we do, dramatically reducing risks associated with contract performance. 
  • Best Value: EMI is a superior value contractor. Our field-proven processes and staffing solutions make us very cost competitive. And, we implement value added innovations that increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce cost to the Government, increase the level of customer care, and improve delivery quality. 
  • Continuous Performance Improvement: Our company culture is centered on continuous improvement. We don’t just tell our customers we’re getting better – we demonstrate it with results. Our SmartBase Integrated Mission Support solution allows our customers to view our customer feedback scores and other performance data and to track the progress of corrective, preventive and improvement actions.    


  • Provide large-scale facilities management, maintenance, and repair, and heavy equipment repair at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River, and other USMC properties in North Carolina. 
  • Expertise implementing a proactive service model to reduce cost and increase equipment reliability.
  • Logistics experience managing maintenance for thousands of pieces of security equipment at more than 450 sites.


  • Re-engineer a chiller controller, resulting in more than $5M in cost avoidance. 
  • Revise PM schedules to extend an end-of-life net barrier controller system, resulting in cost avoidance of more than $2M. 
  • Re-design card swipe locks to eliminate recurring part failures, resulting in savings of over $1.25M. 
  • Implement improved infrastructure repair procedures to reduce building down time from two days to one and a half hours. 
  • Through CPI, on one $200M+ contract alone, we reduced the re-work rate from the incumbent contractor from 2% of all work orders to 0.0001% today by implementing process improvements. 
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