Steve Reiners Joins TechFlow as VP of TechFlow Scientific

San Diego, CA – October 5, 2016—TechFlow, a leading IT services contractor for the U.S. government, has named former American Systems Executive Steve Reiners its new vice president of TechFlow Scientific.

“Steve has a strong background in program and project management in both technical and scientific disciplines,” said Robert Baum, TechFlow President and CEO. “Steve understands how to do business with the federal government, and he brings a strong entrepreneurial skillset to the business. We’re excited about watching him grow and diversify our footprint at TechFlow Scientific.”

TechFlow Scientific is a division of TechFlow located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The TechFlow Scientific team brings over a century of combined experience in directed energy systems, radiation effects, electromagnetic modeling, embedded systems design and application development.

“We have big plans for the team at TechFlow Scientific,” Baum added. “We’ll be looking to leverage the strong modeling and simulation capabilities TechFlow Scientific already offers. And we expect to grow our nuclear weapons center presence and leverage our cyber, test, and evaluation capabilities to diversify what we offer our clients.”

Reiners leaves his position as the Warfighter Test and Evaluation (WFTE) deputy directorate manager of American Systems, a position in which he served since 2012. As deputy directorate manager, Reiners oversaw contracts valued at over $20 million in annual revenues.

Reiners worked for over 20 years for SAIC before the company’s T&E business was acquired by American Systems. Reiners stayed with the company after the acquisition, continuing to serve - as the deputy directorate manager for the WFTE directorate.

Reiners will officially join TechFlow in November.

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