Base And Range Support Services

Always Going Beyond the Call of Duty with Base and Range Support Services

Mission Focused Means Mission Accomplished

At TechFlow, we bring a higher level of excellence to providing Base and Range Support Services than the competition. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary EMI Services (EMI), we are able to combine EMI’s almost 30 years of experience in making its workforce more efficient and effective with our drive to always seek the best, most proactive solutions.

Using predictive analytics, an innovative mindset, and agile project management, we constantly deliver Base and Range Support Services that lower operational costs and offer a better value and quality of service than the competition. We work to always exceed our customers’ expectations – every time.

The TechFlow Difference in Base and Range Support Services

The TechFlow approach to our Base and Range Support Services is uniquely different from our competitors. Here are some of the ways we stand out.



Our high-caliber team has logistics experience managing maintenance for thousands of pieces of security equipment at more than 450 sites. For over 30 years, we have provided large-scale facilities management, repair and operations support across multiple base and range locations.



Our operations are designed to be flexible and respond to mission dynamics, including changes in requirements or short-notice insertions. Our strategies and staffing provide maximum responsiveness under the most demanding scenarios.



Our SmartBase Integrated Mission Support solution allows our customers to view our customer feedback scores and other performance data as well as track progress of corrective, preventative and improvement actions.



We integrate quality, safety and environmental stewardship into everything we do. Our approach dramatically reduces the risks typically associated with contract performance and delivers superior field-proven solutions.



We have expertise implementing a proactive service model to reduce costs and increase equipment reliability. This approach delivers seamless mission support by scheduling maintenance before it becomes critical.


Mission Ready

Our team leverages high-achieving professional, administrative, and trade personnel deployed throughout the United States. We augment our in-house team with proven and capable business partners.

The TechFlow Advantage