USMC Cybersecurity Engineering Support

Maintaining 100% Equipment Coverage for the U.S. Air Force Central Command

Project Background

Develop and execute program manager-level information assurance guidance and cybersecurity processes to effectively integrate IT security requirements with the system sustainment engineering and increment delivery for a USMC tactical aviation command and control system.

Services & Solutions

TechFlow leveraged a holistic vision for tactical system cybersecurity, aligning programmatic, development, and user community’s security responsibilities across system operations and sustainment. We executed all 6 Risk Management Framework (RMF) steps inside of a 12-month period to support DIACAP to RMF transition, and conducted assessment and authorization actions delivering operationally-relevant system security posture, risk awareness and decision-quality security analysis.

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Outcome & Results

TechFlow’s support established benchmark approaches for tactical system cybersecurity programs and delivered “decision-quality” RMF documents and artifacts informing true system concerns. Our assessments and analysis, conducted through the lens of system operation, use case, and operational threat, delivered assessment and authorization artifacts and operationally-relevant findings leading to the removal of the system’s Denied Authority to Operate while enabling the prioritization of programmatic and engineering efforts based on risk analysis, not checklist findings. Our integrated methodology enabled the system’s ATO and ongoing authorizations to support technology delivery velocity rather than slow the process as a “bolt-on” service causing effort to be expended chasing findings irrelevant to deployed system operations.