Cloud and Mobile

Cloud and mobile solutions

TechFlow's cloud and mobile solution set supports all environments from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Azure and Apple to Samsung devices.  We implement our API, cloud, and mobile 1st strategies using agile development processes. As part of our agile development we provide robust DevOps and containerization capabilities to implement cloud and mobile solutions. We accomplish the delivery of our solutions through TechFlow's Release Engineering Lifecycle Approach that incorporates the following key components: 
  • Understanding clients cloud and mobile strategic initiatives to achieve business operational goals. 
  • Plan deployments from beginning to end to ensure our solutions deliver business value. 
  • Scaled architecture approach to leverage existing code or support tactical platform modernization. 
  • Training as required to transition client management and staff to cloud and mobile implementations.

Cloud and mobile SERVICES

Our cloud and mobile services start with the overall strategic goals defined so everything we develop is consistent to ensure adoption and deliver the expected end result and included the following:
  • Visioning - create vision for applications, system, or mobile solutions. 
  • Product Roadmap - outline the priorities by feature for 3 - 6 months. 
  • Release Planning - process to deploy functionality to production. 
  • Sprint Planning - plan development based on backlog priorities. 
  • Development - develop feature based on acceptance criteria.
  • Testing - test driven development process to foster quality code. 
  • Reviews - present feature developed for client acceptance.  
  • User Acceptance - test feature for production with client. 
  • DevOps - provide infrastructure to deliver code to production. 
  • Deployment - product deployment of working software code.
  • Retrospective - evaluate areas of improvement for next sprint.
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