who we ARE?

TechFlow is a solutions company founded in 1995. We leverage technology and leading-edge processes in everything we do. We look for ways to disrupt traditional approaches in order to achieve better results. 

We are entrepreneurial and nimble. We deploy proven development best practices for portfolio, program and team level delivery of business value for our clients. 

 We are employee owned. Our employee ownership drives us to deliver impactful ingenuity on a government scale at entrepreneurial speed in order to create value for our clients, and, in turn for ourselves. We have hundreds of employees located from coast to coast with our primary hubs in California and DC - accessing the best of Silicon Valley innovations and pairing it with our presence in our nation's capital. 

At TechFlow, we are committed to staying ahead of always advancing technology.

What We Do?

For almost 25 years, TechFlow has been focused on delivering IT services, scientific applications and mission support services for federal and commercial sectors. We have proven time and again, our ability to maximize our customers’ enterprise technology investments with innovative, open-source, and agile solutions that simplify, upscale, and enhance how things get done. As a company, we are always forging new paths and looking outside the box for inspiration. As individuals, we bring proven track records of success. We apply our experience and expertise to deliver solutions that meet the needs of multiple markets. We encourage collaboration across company business units, looking for unique solutions that are smarter, faster, better. We pioneered Agile@Scale for digital modernization in the federal market. We forged a new, better path to IT modernization at the GSA with technologies and process innovations that enabled them to keep pace with customers’ needs in a fast-changing technology landscape. Our @Scale energy solutions make the “what-if” happen. We are asking the "what if" and then finding the answers and developing the solutions to enhance energy resilience, optimize energy use and help reduce facility maintenance costs at critical national defense facilities. We drive real IT value. Applying Agile software development and ITIL change-management processes, we helped the U.S. Navy modernize and expand its IT service management environment - ahead of schedule and under budget! At TechFlow, we know that America’s safety and security depend upon innovation, ingenuity, and owning the cutting-edge.

our Vision

TechFlow Difference Demonstrated

In the world of technology, there are leaders and followers - those catching up, and those who are always ahead. At TechFlow, we are passionate about being "Always Ahead".

  • Look Outside the box.
  • Challenge the routine with fresh ideas and new perspectives.
  • Dream big, set ambitious goals, and take action.
  • Challenge the routine with innovative thinking.
  • Talk about solutions to problems, not problems without solutions.
  • Work hard and smart.
  • Be flexible, creative, and resilient.

our mission

TechFlow Technical Excellence

Since 1995 TechFlow has been committed to staying ahead of the technology curve. It began by helping large commercial firms such as Dreamworks, Toshiba, and MGM modernize their business systems using cutting-edge Agile-At-Scale development technology.

Today, with deep operational roots in the bi-coastal innovation hubs of California and Washington DC, TechFlow is now applying its advanced engineering, technology, and integration solutions to the Government's most demanding mission and business challenges to help keep America safe and secure.

Our employee ownership drives the entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to deliver impactful ingenuity on a government scale.

Why TechFlow?

TechFlow Proven Results

TechFlow has been a success for almost 25 years.

  • TechFlow customers and partners value our services and return time and time again. 
  • TechFlow is committed to staying ahead of always advancing technology and driving innovative solutions – it is part of our core culture and defines who we are. 
  • TechFlow knows that America’s safety and security depends upon innovation, ingenuity and owning the cutting-edge, and works to ensure America is safe and secure. 
  • TechFlow values the entrepreneurial spirit that allow innovation and ideas to flourish, which is why TechFlow is 100% employee-owned. 
  • With technology, there are leaders and there are followers – those who are catching up, and those who are always ahead. At TechFlow, we are Always Ahead. 
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