Platform Services

Always Moving Ahead with Innovative Platform Services

Offering Support Where Its Needed Most

TechFlow Platform Services takes a proactive approach to supporting the Aviation and Homeland Security markets. From deployment and certification of equipment to supply chain and technical field service, we apply predictive analytics and technical expertise to resolve inefficiencies and reduce operational costs. This keeps our customers ahead of logistical equipment issues while keeping the American public safe and secure.

The TechFlow Difference in Platform Services

The TechFlow approach to our Platform Services is uniquely different from our competitors. Here are some of the ways we stand out.



We use data and predictive analytics to get ahead of problems, including having the right people and components in the right place at the right time.



As one of the first government contractors to successfully embrace the use of Agile at Scale software development, we continue to use agile development to rapidly deploy and accelerate implementation of our Platform Services.



We don’t work in silos. We let our expertise multiple fields, including logistics, cybersecurity, and digital services, inform our Platform Services work. The result is a better product and outcome for our customers.



Our team’s technical approach to security integrates advanced threat detection products and technical resources to safeguard against evolving terrorism threats.



We employ a team of proven subject matter experts with a reputation for best-in-class execution.



We help our customers find the quickest path to success while enabling them to continue to maintain their operations. Often this means helping to remove organizational impediments and using agile approaches to develop, test, and deploy leading-edge solutions.

The TechFlow Advantage