Services and Solutions

TechFlow develops innovative and impactful solutions for real world problems. Our focus is not on doing what has been done, building legacy 2.0, or being constrained by what is presented. At TechFlow, we focus on solving issues at a higher level, making life better for those involved, and creating a more efficient, effective and elegant solution that is faster, better and cheaper by looking for unique and out-of-the-box answers and technology. We take great pride in our disruptive approach to solving problems and generating real world value for our clients. We are here to make a difference and change the world!

TechFlow Digital Services is committed to helping our Federal Government and commercial clients plan, organize, direct, control and execute their IT requirements and missions. We measure success by our ability to bring transformational digital business changes to our customers and partners. 

TechFlow Scientific Solutions provides support to enable development and realization of warfighting capabilities. By employing diverse skill sets including academic and military experienced personnel, and leveraging their combined expertise, TechFlow Scientific is able to provide customers support tailored to mission focus and needs. 

TechFlow LPS supports the Aviation and Homeland Security markets with innovative development and execution of technical solutions for sustainable integrated logistical support. 

EMI Services, dba TechFlow Mission Support, a wholly owned subsidiary of TechFlow, provides the Department of Defense and other federal agencies with comprehensive base operations support and facilities management. Our team has over twenty years of experience supporting some of the nation’s most important facilities. 

TechFlow Energy & Mobility Solutions has positively impacted the energy, environmental, and financial performance of some of the world’s most successful companies and the United States Government by leading the creation, development, and implementation of innovative energy effectiveness and mobility practices and projects. 

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