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TechFlow Scientific is a division of TechFlow located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The TechFlow Scientific team brings over a century of combined experience in directed energy systems, radiation effects, electromagnetic modeling, embedded systems design and application development.

scientific projects

Core Technologies

  • Nuclear Weapons: Program Management, Radiation Modeling
  • HPEM RF Power Sources Design/Procurement: Electronic – Electrical – Thermal Design & Engineering
  • High Power Fuel Cell Design and Integration: Electronic – Electrical – Thermal Design & Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation: High Power RF and Laser M&S
  • HPEM Effects Analysis: LAVA (Lethal & Vulnerability Assessment) – Data Collection & Analysis
  • Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics
  • Stochastic Effects Modeling: Chaos Theory, RF Coupling, Systems Effects

scientific SERVICES

Our Energy applications include:
  • Sources, tubes and amplifiers 
  • Waveguides and antennas 
  • Propagation 
  • Interaction and coupling 
  • System and device level effects 
Our Control and Data Acquisition Systems include:
  • Object oriented designs 
  • Smart control systems 
  • COTS Integration 
  • Hardware drivers 
Our Embedded Systems Design and Development include:
  • Embedded software applications 
  • Software and firmware development 
  • Sensors and digital data acquisition 
  • Digital imaging and signal processing 
  • Numerical analysis simulation and verification 
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation 
  • Real-time systems

System Integrations

  • Advanced Compact Power Supplies
  • Integrated Logistics Networks 
  • High Power Electro Magnetic – Cyber/Electronic Warfare Applications 
  • Cross Domain Mission Collaboration Tools
  • Project/Program Management Collaboration Tools
  • War/Business Gaming Displays and Interactive Management & Control Systems
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