About us

Who We Are

For more than 25 years, TechFlow has been developing leading-edge solutions for customers in mission critical markets. Approaching $300 million in annual revenue for 2021, we are an employee-owned company with a track record of success defined by innovation, agility, and proactiveness.

Founded at the start of the dot-com revolution, TechFlow helped large commercial firms such as DreamWorks, Toshiba, MGM, and others modernize their business systems using what has become known as Agile at Scale development. Today, with deep operational roots in the bi-coastal innovation hubs of California and Washington DC, TechFlow continues to serve an important purpose – helping customers modernize and optimize to keep pace with the fast-changing technology landscape.

We support government and commercial sectors as system developers, integrators, and optimizers in mission critical markets: digital, platform, base management/logistics, and energy and mobility services. As employee-owners, we balance technology and human factors to determine the best outcome for our customers’ missions.

At a Glance

Think Ahead, Move Ahead, Stay Ahead – Lead with forward-thinking solutions.

Always Innovative, Always Agile, Always Proactive, Always Ahead by Optimizing Outcomes:
We deploy optimized solutions designed to anticipate the future, tailoring solutions to our customers’ mission, whether for safely traveling by air, moving to the cloud, achieving net zero, or ensuring military facility and equipment readiness.

We believe in being honest partners and working with our customers to define the optimal path forward, tailored to their needs, not to ours. As employee-owners, we drive a highly collaborative culture that is nimble in spirit, yet disciplined and effective at delivery. “Always Ahead” captures our commitment to leverage technology and people to continually improve for our customers.

Our Logo

The TechFlow logo brackets are a cue from our tech DNA and the code used to start and end software code <>. The magenta coloring symbolizes the heart and passion our people put into the mission of serving our customers.

Our Awards

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