Case Studies

Always Leading to Greater Success

At TechFlow, we only experience success when our customers succeed. We take an agile and proactive approach to solving challenges with the belief that finding the best solution depends upon innovation, ingenuity, and owning the cutting-edge. Across DoD and the Federal and Civilian landscapes, see how our work has made a meaningful impact on keeping America safe, secure, and globally competitive.

TechFlow’s Advanced Data Analysis helps TSA improve equipment maintenance across 300+ federal airports, keeping millions of travelers safe

TechFlow’s seamless cybersecurity solution protects the U.S. Army’s energy assets from disruption

TechFlow’s leading-edge simulation approach develops resilient, efficient, and cost-effective energy projects

TechFlow’s hands-on approach helps federal agencies achieve streamlined, secure cloud migration with GSA’s platform

TechFlow shows management expertise in program to refurbish mission-critical deployable-tactical air navigation systems

TechFlow’s forward-thinking cloud-based solution prevented massive data loss during a global pandemic

Following the destructive 2017 hurricane season, TechFlow revitalized and modernized the U.S. Virgin Islands Immunization Registry System for a more resilient future

Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC Pacific) provides the US Navy with research, development, delivery and support 

TechFlow’s team first established benchmark approaches for tactical system cybersecurity programs for the United States Marine Corps