Life at TechFlow

Our Employee Ownership


TechFlow is a 100% employee-owned company that creates a unique and exceptional work culture. One that promotes innovation and collaboration that benefits our customers, our company, and ultimately each of us as employee-owners!

Employee Ownership

One of the primary reasons for choosing an employee ownership model was to ensure everyone’s voice matters and their contributions are important  so much so that they should also reap the benefits from their efforts. As a shareholder, you are empowered to do more, say more, be more…and the individual that lifts themselves, lifts the group, which lifts the company, and that circles right back to benefit them as a shareholder. 


We feel diversity of ownership allows us to serve our customers better. TechFlow is proud to have an inclusive workforce. The numbers are always influx as we grow to fit changing needs, but diversity is important to our culture and ethos.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TechFlow is also committed to being responsible citizens. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program is, like everything else we do, driven by the interests and passions of our employee-owners. We focus on three key areas: supporting our military, the environment, and the future of technology; however, employee-owners can and do leverage the company’s community to support causes close to their heart.

Employee Engagement

Our employee run Social Illuminati program fosters employee morale and encourages engagement through fun and creative events of interest to our diverse workforce. We connect our employee owners to each other creating a work force bond stronger than a coworker level.

What We Say

See what some of our employee-owners have to say about life at TechFlow.

TechFlow Values Our Employee Owner Veterans

TechFlow salutes the brave men and women who keep our nation safe and we honor and thank all those who have served. TechFlow’s commitment to our customers’ mission is informed and supported by the unique ethic, value, perspective, leadership, and technical skills of our veterans. It is a privilege to work alongside our employee owner veterans, reservists, and military spouses.

Veteran Spotlight