Always Expanding Our Services: From IT Modernization to Base and Range Support

TechFlow develops innovative and impactful solutions for real world problems. We are committed to making a difference, generating real value, and achieving excellence at every turn.

Our capabilities expand across a wide spectrum of IT modernization, logistics and support services, including cybersecurity, which is critical to almost every project. We knock down isolated information silos, increase program agility and drive development of forward-leaning solutions that result in a more effective organization. We work collaboratively, integrating our myriad of capabilities in order to deliver faster, higher value, and more efficient solutions that move our customers and our nation ahead.

Digital Services

TechFlow offers federal government agencies and commercial organizations IT modernization, business integration, cloud and mobile solutions. With a focus on agile methodologies and DevSecOps techniques, we are able to accelerate implementation and delivery of our services. And, with additional in-depth expertise in cybersecurity, we make sure every solution is protected and future-proofed against threats.

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The TechFlow Scientific and Research Development division focuses on the realization of warfighting capabilities tailored to meet mission objectives. We think carefully through the use case and the practical application of our solutions to help ensure in-the-field success. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of academic and military experienced personnel who bring their distinct skill sets together to create innovative solutions.

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We believe a strong expertise in cybersecurity is essential to protect our country’s valuable IT assets and information. Yet, it’s also important to balance risk with operational performance. With our holistic approach, our customers most valuable assets are safeguarded against threat while still achieving a high level of mission-based system performance.

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Platform Services

TechFlow supports the Aviation and Homeland Security markets with leading-edge technical solutions for integrated logistics support. To improve outcomes, we apply predictive analytics, proactive designs and fresh approaches that increase operational performance and cost-effectiveness. From supply chain to technical field services, we help our customers stay ahead.

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Base and Range Support Services

TechFlow provides the DoD and other federal agencies with comprehensive base operations, facilities management and range support services. We use predictive analytics and flexible, creative approaches to proactively resolve issues that lead to higher cost savings and better overall management of bases, facilities and range operations.

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Energy and Mobility Solutions

TechFlow improves energy and environmental performance for government and commercial organizations with innovative energy effectiveness and mobility solutions. With expertise in electric vehicles, energy technology integration, energy storage, and more, as well as a focus on cybersecurity, we continue to find innovative solutions for our customers that are not just energy efficient, but effectively and securely deployed.

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Always Achieving Action-Oriented Results

Generate millions of dollars of savings annually for our customers

Process 1M+ service requests and 100K+ change requests annually

Platforms encompass 4M+ lines of compiled code spread over 1000s of servers

Our Values

TechFlow is defined by its employee-owners and our shared values. Our value statements embody our drive to be an admired company that is “Always Ahead.”


We grow our Company by acting with integrity, treating people with respect, working hard, and delivering value for our services.


We attract and retain creative, inspired and passionate employees who care about making things better.


We promote and reward our people fairly based on their performance and contribution to the Company’s growth.


We challenge the routine with fresh ideas, new perspectives and innovative thinking focused on delivering high quality, high value services.


We are team-based and work together harmoniously to take advantage of our broad experiences and backgrounds.


We hold ourselves individually accountable for adding value to our Company and supporting our goals.


We bring our best every day by being responsive, professional and sharing a contagious positive attitude.


This is our Company – we treat our Company, its assets and our long-term vision as our own.

To sum it up: Deliver Excellence; Do what is Right; Challenge the Norm; Take Responsibility; and, Stay AHEAD!