Open Letter to David Buss

David –

On behalf of TechFlow, I want to thank you for the time you spent on our Board of Directors. It was an honor when you accepted the role and we found your insights and contributions on how we, as a company, could best serve our nation invaluable. Our philosophy is to stay “always ahead” and that includes anticipating our customers’ needs before they do.

As a career Navy Flight Officer, rising to serve as a Vice Admiral and the Navy’s Air Boss, you certainly understood the military’s priorities and where our experience and skill sets could make the most difference. On that note, I also want to thank you for the many years of exemplary military service. You clearly left your mark there as well as with us.

I wish you all the best as you focus your efforts on leading OpenDrives, Inc. With you at the helm as CEO, I have no doubt you and your team will continue to lead the market with your data storage solutions. Companies like Apple, Netflix and Sony already trust you to support their large workflows and I have no doubt you will keep the company on that high-performance track!

I so appreciate the energy and unique perspective you brought to our Board. It was complementary to our other Board members and came during a perfect time in our company’s growth. Our success was fueled by the guidance and support of our Board and truly exemplifies how beneficial a diverse board can be.

Thank you, Sir. I hope you depart proud of the work we have done, how we have served and continue serving our country, knowing you played an important role.

With my deepest respect and gratitude,

Robert Baum

TechFlow CEO


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