Champions of Always Ahead: Celebrating Megan Iverson, a CX/UX Research Powerhouse

In the dynamic field of Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) research, the ability to navigate complex challenges with grace and efficiency is not just valuable; it’s essential. That’s why, in this edition of TechFlow’s “Champions of Always Ahead” series, we are thrilled to spotlight Megan Iverson, a distinguished member of our team whose recent achievements and overall contributions have significantly propelled our projects and team spirit forward.

Leading by Example: A Complex Project

Megan recently took on a formidable challenge, co-leading our team’s most intricate user testing endeavor in the last three years. This project wasn’t just another item on the to-do list; it demanded meticulous coordination of facilitating sessions, diligent notetaking, seamless logistics management, and the nuanced task of participant recruitment. Excelling in any of these areas requires a deep understanding and skill set, but Megan juggled all these responsibilities simultaneously. Her collaboration with teammates was exemplary, showcasing her skill and her ability to enhance and elevate the work of those around her.

An Eye for Detail Driving Results

Anyone who’s worked in project management knows that the devil is often in the details—a truth that Megan lives and breathes. Her exceptional attention to detail and logistics has been nothing short of a lifeline for our team. Megan possesses the rare ability to anticipate issues well before they manifest, armed with ready-to-implement solutions that steer us clear of potential pitfalls. This proactive approach has saved us countless hours and resources, reaffirming the value of having such a forward-thinking individual on our team.

A Realist with a Gentle Touch

In the heat of project discussions and brainstorming sessions, it’s easy to get carried away with ideas that may not be feasible or to lose sight of the bigger picture. This is where Megan’s role as our team’s realist becomes indispensable. With a blend of firmness and kindness, she has a unique way of bringing everyone back to earth, reminding us to consider simpler, more effective solutions. Her approach is not just about keeping projects on track; it’s about ensuring that our team remains cohesive and focused, even when faced with challenging decisions.

The Heart Behind the Hard Work

Beyond her professional prowess, Megan brings irreplaceable warmth and joy to our team. Alongside her husband, Megan fosters cats, sharing their stories and adorable pictures with us. These moments of levity and cuteness are more than breaks from the workday; they’re reminders of the compassion and care at the heart of our team’s culture. Megan’s contributions in this area enrich our team’s spirit, providing much-needed smiles and strengthening our bond.

Always Ahead, Thanks to Our Champions

Megan Iverson embodies the essence of TechFlow’s “Always Ahead” philosophy. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her unique blend of skills and personal warmth, makes her a valuable asset to our team and a true champion of our mission. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the tech world, we are grateful for Megan’s leadership, insight, and the positive energy she brings to our collective efforts.

In celebrating Megan, we celebrate the spirit of innovation, teamwork, and resilience that defines TechFlow. Here’s to Megan and all our team members who, through their dedication and talent, keep us always ahead.

The Champions of Always Ahead series is dedicated to all our employee-owners, like Megan, who consistently go above and beyond. Their remarkable efforts are the bedrock of our success and the embodiment of the “Always Ahead” spirit at TechFlow.


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