Champions of Always Ahead: Joy Zhang, Keeping Us Ahead in Talent Acquisition


TechFlow employee-owners have a reputation for going above and beyond, yet one star in our constellation shines exceptionally bright. Joy Zhang, a standout member of our Talent Acquisition (TA) team, exemplifies what it means to be not just a team player but a true champion of the TechFlow ethos – “Always Ahead.”

A Year of Remarkable Achievements

Joy’s contributions this past year have been nothing short of stellar, having a profound impact across the organization:

Pioneering Partnerships: Joy was instrumental in establishing a significant partnership between TechFlow and the Military Spouse Employment Program. This initiative highlights our commitment to supporting military families and enriches our talent pool with diverse and skilled candidates.

Educational Initiatives: Recognizing the importance of knowledge-sharing, Joy played a crucial role in the ‘TA Office Hours’ program. This innovative program focuses on training and educating hiring managers about best practices in recruitment and hiring, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Leadership in Employee Engagement: Joy also stepped into a lead role within TechFlow’s social events committee, the ‘Social Illuminati.’ Her involvement in coordinating and participating in local events underscores our company’s dedication to community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

Championing Community Outreach: As a staunch advocate for community outreach, Joy actively volunteered at local Habitat for Humanity chapters. Her dedication to these causes reflects the core values of TechFlow and our commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate: Joy’s continued participation in career fairs advocating for inclusivity this year showcases her commitment to providing opportunities for underrepresented groups, aligning with our company’s values of respect, integrity, and service. She has participated in Hiring Our Heroes and Women in Technology recruiting events and has been instrumental in improving the TechFlow recruiting process as a recently minted SHRM-certified recruiter for Veterans and people with disabilities. 

Joy alongside TechFlow Director of Talent Acquisition Sarah Knapp at a 2022 career fair
Joy with the TechFlow Arlington Team at a company holiday party/bowling event she helped coordinate

A Torrent of Praise

Joy’s exceptional performance has not gone unnoticed, garnering high praise from hiring managers, candidates, and peers for her initiative, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication. Her ability to seek out opportunities for improvement, bring forth innovative ideas, and willingly take on new responsibilities has set a high standard within TechFlow.

Senior Director of Operations John Darling highlights Joy’s proactive and transformative approach in helping hiring managers connect with top talent for TechFlow career opportunities:

"Joy was in regular communication, ensuring we saw the right candidates and also provided additional possibilities. Her feedback and recommendations were invaluable, making the recruiting process a pleasant and efficient experience. She’s a tremendous asset to the TSA and TA teams.”

TechFlow Lead Proposal Manager Eric Gleysteen, who joined the company in 2023, reflects on his experience working with Joy as a candidate:

"Joy stood out in her role, posing assessment questions in a subtle and clever way, which was effective in getting authentic answers. Her approach made a strong initial impression on me about TechFlow as a prospective employer."

A True TechFlow Torchbearer

Joy embodies what it means to be an employee-owner at TechFlow. Her forward-thinking approach and a deep commitment to our values make her a quintessential “Champion of Always Ahead.” As we look forward to another year of innovation and excellence, we are incredibly proud to have Joy as part of our team, leading the way and inspiring us all.

Join Us in Celebrating Joy

We invite the entire TechFlow family to join us in celebrating Joy’s remarkable achievements and contributions. Her story is a testament to our team’s exceptional talent and dedication. Let’s continue supporting and inspiring each other, always staying ahead in our journey together.

The Champions of Always Ahead series is dedicated to all our employee-owners, like Joy, who consistently go above and beyond. Their remarkable efforts are the bedrock of our success and the embodiment of the “Always Ahead” spirit at TechFlow.


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