TechFlow 2023: A Year of Pioneering Innovation and Exciting Growth

As 2023 comes to a close, we at TechFlow are taking a moment to reflect on a year that has been one of the most remarkable in our nearly 30-year history. It might sound cliché to say that a company’s success is all about its people and their drive to innovate, deliver value for customers, and tackle tough challenges. However, at TechFlow, this sentiment is deeply rooted in reality.

This year has stood out for us, marked by exceptional innovation and substantial growth. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and national security has been at the forefront of our achievements. In a world where technology rapidly evolves, TechFlow hasn’t just kept pace; we’ve been leading with creative solutions, always aligned with our customer-focused mission.

CEO Rob Baum (left) and President/Chief Operating Officer Mark Carter (right) show off TechFlow-branded macarons at the Arlington, VA Holiday Party

Being a 100% employee-owned company is central to our ethos and has been instrumental in this year’s triumphs. Our team’s collaborative efforts have driven business growth and reinforced our dedication to positively impacting the communities we serve and the nation at large. We’ve approached every challenge with determination and every opportunity with innovative thinking. Each success this year is a testament to the power of our shared ownership and collective vision.

Reflecting on the past year, we’re filled with pride and excitement for our achievements. The future for TechFlow is brighter than ever, and we’re enthusiastic about continuing this journey of excellence, innovation, and meaningful impact.

Major Contracts and Partnerships

2023 was a pivotal year for TechFlow, marking a significant expansion of our reach through key contracts and partnerships, furthering our tradition of excellence.

Elevating Aviation Security with the TSA

A highlight of the year was securing a seven-year, $2.1 billion contract with the TSA. Under the terms of the agreement, TechFlow will continue its partnership with the TSA, which began in 2018, by providing maintenance to over 1,800 Explosives Detection Systems across more than 300 airports nationwide. This critical role in national aviation security underscores our capabilities and reflects our deep commitment to protecting our nation’s skies.

Pioneering EV Charging Infrastructure for the U.S. Military

TechFlow achieved another huge milestone in 2023, securing the only success memo for EV charging infrastructure the DIU has ever awarded. This achievement paves the way for us to implement our EV charging solutions at over 800 locations throughout the U.S. and its territories. More than a sustainability effort, this development is a significant stride for TechFlow, opening doors to new growth opportunities. It places us at the heart of the Department of Defense’s initiative to transition its fleet of over 180,000 non-tactical vehicles to electric by 2035. This project not only highlights our capacity to manage transformative projects but also reinforces our commitment to innovative and impactful technological solutions.

Strengthening U.S. Marines Support at Camp Lejeune

A joint venture, DSC-EMI, which includes TechFlow’s subsidiary EMI Services, was awarded an eight-year contract valued at $246.8 million at Camp Lejeune. This contract holds a potential value of up to $148 million for TechFlow. The agreement encompasses a wide range of maintenance services, underscoring the joint venture’s capacity to support the critical operations of the U.S. Marine Corps. This contract not only demonstrates our collaborative strength but also highlights our ability to undertake and excel in complex, large-scale projects, keeping our troops prepared to tackle any challenge.

Innovation and Technology

In 2023, TechFlow made significant progress in the realms of AI/ML and analytics for logistics and maintenance, moving us closer to our goal of becoming a key player in these fields. This year, we also marked significant advancements in creating resilient energy solutions for the U.S. military, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

Our venture into AI/ML technologies has been a transformative journey. We’ve successfully integrated these technologies into our logistics and maintenance operations, improving operational efficiency. By leveraging predictive analytics, we can further minimize downtime and enhance decision-making. This technological advancement enriches our service offerings, underscores our commitment to providing advanced technology solutions, and presents exciting opportunities to expand our capabilities through new partnerships.

Regarding sustainability, we’ve focused on developing EV charging and microgrid solutions for the U.S. military. These solutions blend various energy sources to deliver sustainable and dependable power. This innovation aligns with the military’s environmental goals, enhancing operational readiness and fostering energy independence. The development of these solutions clearly indicates our ability to adapt to our customers’ changing needs while contributing to broader environmental objectives.

Empowering Military Families: TechFlow’s Journey with the MSEP in 2023

In 2023, TechFlow significantly advanced in community engagement and social responsibility, particularly through our involvement with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). The MSEP ENGAGE conference in Washington, D.C., especially with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s keynote, highlighted the employment challenges of military spouses, inspiring us to take action.

Post-conference, we initiated targeted efforts to create a more inclusive workplace for military spouses, focusing on career opportunities that accommodate their unique lifestyles. This initiative aligns with TechFlow’s core values and our commitment to community impact.

Reflecting on the year, TechFlow has not only met challenges but also excelled in technology and community engagement. Our advancements in AI/ML, microgrid solutions, and support for military families mark our progress in innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden delivers a keynote address at MSEP ENGAGE

Looking ahead, we’re energized for the future. The achievements of 2023 lay the groundwork for continued innovation and growth. Our commitment is to keep pushing innovation boundaries and strengthening community ties. With our skilled team, we’re poised for a future of innovation, growth, and positive impact, fully embracing the opportunities ahead.

Employee and Workplace Achievements

In 2023, TechFlow’s dedication to its employees and workplace culture was recognized in several meaningful ways, reflecting our status as an employee-owned company and our commitment to fostering an outstanding work environment.

Inc. 2023 Best Workplaces Logo

One of the year’s highlights was being named one of Inc. Magazine’s 2023 Best Workplaces. This accolade celebrates the hard work and creativity of our team, whose dedication and innovative spirit are key to our achievements. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we strive to create a workplace where every team member feels valued and has the opportunity to contribute to our mission.

Our emphasis on employee empowerment was further illustrated by the accomplishments of Ann Aly, Director of Human-Centered Design, and Brad Lehman. Ann was featured in Authority Magazine for her work in enhancing user experience in product design, and Brad co-authored a book on integrating Human-Centered Design with Agile product development. These achievements highlight individual excellence and TechFlow’s commitment to professional development and innovation.

These milestones reflect TechFlow’s commitment to both business success and the growth of our team members. As we celebrate these achievements, we continue to focus on nurturing a workplace that is more than just a job, but a community where everyone can thrive and grow.

Looking Ahead

As TechFlow looks ahead, we’re energized by a vision that’s brighter than ever, marked by our unwavering commitment to innovation, strong partnerships, and community engagement. We focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies that enhance national security and contribute to global sustainability. At the heart of our mission are our employees, whose talents and dedication are fundamental to our achievements.

We’re excited to build upon our successes, aiming for a future that skillfully balances security with sustainability. Our optimism is driven by our past accomplishments and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. We see a path forward filled with continuous innovation, impactful collaboration, and a significant positive global influence.

As we reflect on 2023, a year that stands out in TechFlow’s nearly 30-year history, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our journey – our readers, employees, and partners. Your unwavering support and invaluable contributions have been pivotal to TechFlow’s success. Your faith in our vision and dedication to our values has propelled us to new heights.

As we step into 2024, we do so with great enthusiasm and a refreshed sense of purpose. We’re ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities the new year brings, armed with the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is the hallmark of TechFlow. Together, we’re excited to forge a future that aligns with our collective goals and aspirations. Here’s to embarking on this journey together, shaping a future that is not only prosperous but also meaningful and inspiring for everyone at TechFlow.


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