Q&A With TechFlow’s Employee Owner Veteran Craig Macina

Meet Craig Macina: TechFlow Field Quality Analyst and Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel

Craig, what inspired you to enlist in the military? Desire to serve my country and my family has a long line of military service history.

What was your enlisted job? When I enlisted prior to OCS, I was an Infantryman.

Where did you serve? All over the US (Ft. Benning, Ft. Hood, Ft. Lee, Ft. Lewis, Ft. Irwin, Ft. Bliss), Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait), Guantanamo Bay, JMRC/Hohenfels Germany.

What years did you serve? 28

What do you remember about how you felt the day you enlisted? “Why did I do this?”

What does your time in the military mean to you? Best job, best people, best and worst experiences in my life, and opportunity to see things most people never will understand.

How did your perceptions of military service change after enlisting/serving? The real military and the real war (Iraq/Afghanistan/Guantanamo Bay) will never be told in movies or the papers/internet and those that didn’t serve will never understand.

What are some things you remember most about your time in service? The sheer beauty of the Hindu Kush Mountains in Afghanistan…truly stunning, the people that I met, the opportunities to lead and drive change for good.

What do you wish people understood about being a veteran? I don’t need to be thanked…I did what I did because I loved it.

Tell us about your path to civilian employment after service: Lots of resumes and interviews.

How did you end up at TechFlow – does it have anything to do with your job training during military service? Yes, Tony Aquino originally hired me based off my military experience and then recommended me for TSA EDS contract.


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