TechFlow Completes Initial Phases of the Department of Defense Prototyping Implementation to Meet New Government Electric Ground Transportation Initiatives

San Diego, CA, December 15, 2022 – TechFlow Inc., a forward-thinking energy, logistics, and digital solutions company announces that with the recent completion of eight on-site engineering efforts and arrival of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging equipment at initial sites, the groundbreaking on prototype locations to meet Department of Defense (DoD) electric ground transportation initiatives will begin in January. This effort reflects the White House goal to raise new car sales for EVs to 50 percent by 2030. The resulting increase of electric government-owned vehicles (GOVs) and personally-owned vehicles (POVs) will demand more Level 2 and DC Fast Charging (Level 3) chargers with diverse charging capabilities at over 800 military bases around the country.

TechFlow received the award of an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement from the DoD Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), working in partnership with each DoD Service (US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps) for the implementation of EV charging station pilot projects at installations across the country. These first eight pilot projects are designed to enable charging for both GOVs and POVs deploying both Level 2 and Level 3 fast chargers and supporting electrical infrastructure and software.

“TechFlow is honored to have been selected to develop EV charging and related infrastructure solutions for the DoD and other federal facilities. We’ve assigned our top personnel to this initiative to ensure tailored, effective solutions are deployed to address each facility’s EV charging needs into the future.” said Michael Genseal, Vice President of TechFlow’s Energy and Mobility Solutions business. “We’ve seen significant progress under the collaborative environment of DIU’s OTA and are working daily with each of our federal government partners to rapidly deploy customized EV charging infrastructure solutions that meet the strategic requirements of Executive Order 14008 Section 205 ‘Federal Clean Electricity and Vehicle Procurement Strategy.’

With deployment of the tailored EV charging pilot projects, OTA ‘production’ agreements will be established with each of the DoD Services providing all government entities an easy and rapid option for robust, expandable, and resilient EV charging solutions. Each EV OTA will have a $500 million ceiling value and terms that include no fee for use. These streamlined OTAs provide agencies an efficient way to deliver innovative and comprehensive EV charging solutions to their locations quickly.

“The TechFlow team is proud of our forward-thinking EV charging work, which leverages advances in energy technology by integrating innovations in energy systems, digital solutions, and platforms to drive performance and effectiveness,” said Mark Carter, TechFlow President and Chief Operating Officer. “It is a privilege to be selected to support this cross-Service project, deemed necessary to the national defense.”

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TechFlow Inc. is an employee-owned company with a record of more than 25 years of success defined by innovation, agility, and proactiveness. TechFlow balances technology and human factors to determine the best outcome for their customers’ missions. The company supports government and commercial sectors as system developers, integrators, and optimizers in mission critical markets: energy and mobility solutions and digital, platform, and base management/logistics services. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices in Washington, DC, and throughout the continental United States, TechFlow delivers leading-edge solutions for customers. TechFlow. Always Ahead. For more visit, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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