Black Tech Leaders that Inspire

INSIGHT — As a company that builds solutions around technology, I want to recognize some of the early Black tech leaders that have inspired and, in some cases, have a direct connection to the technology that we at TechFlow use today to build modernization and digital transformation solutions for our customers.

Innovators That I Admire – Reaching for the Stars

INSIGHT — Our employee-ownership model helps to fuel innovation, giving everyone an incentive to take responsibility and push their ideas to new heights – or as some might say, to reach for the stars.

Innovators I Admire – Her Intelligence is Not Artificial

INSIGHT — From developing the first commercial genetic algorithm to robots for studying the impact of global warming to addressing children with special needs with therapy and educational products, Ayanna has set an example of how to put AI to work to create positive outcomes.

Open Letter to David Buss

INSIGHT — On behalf of TechFlow, I want to thank you for the time you spent on our Board of Directors.